My name is Amjad Masad.

I'm the CEO and founder of, an online programming environment that makes coding more fun and approachable. Starting a new project goes from countless hours of setting up a development environment to the two seconds it takes to start up a new repl in your browser.

Also, why is it that your development environment has to be seperate from your hosting one? We can't find an adequate answer for this. On you can build and host apps without leaving the IDE. Case in point, this blog is a Node.js app built and hosted on Click the icon on the top-right corner to go my repl.

What started as a simple coding sandbox in the browser for solving homework and messing around with various programming language is growing to be a one stop shop to go all the way from learning how to code to building and deploying your first app. We're hiring.

Before that I was a tech lead on the JavaScript infrastructure team (which I helped start) at Facebook. We built and maintained open source tools that made JavaScript development easier, accessible, and generally better. We built and/or maintained things like the Babeljs compiler, Jest, and the React Native packager. Some form of this team is still going strong and now are doing even more amazing things like the Yarn package manager.

Before that I was #1 employee at Codecademy. I did some tech-leading, built product and infrastructure. Being that early at a high-growth consumer startup is a great, albeit compressed, learning experience. But you may also walk away with scars and war stories.

Before that I was briefly at Yahoo. And before that I was going to college and on the side I worked in cybersecurity.

As for non-work stuff, I'm into powerlifting and grilling steaks. I also like to read and mostly interested in philosophy of mind and AGI. Understanding and potentially simulating the mind is what kept me interesting in computers as a kid. I'm also interested in tradition and paleoanthropology. There is so much that's great about the modern world but there is also so much to be desired when it comes to living a fulfilling and healthy life. And I think the past holds more wisdom than people like to admit.

I enjoy scifi movies, especially old ones. Some of my favorites include The Forbidden Planet, Brazil, and Colossus: The Forbin Project. I'm of the opinion that good Hollywood movies are on the decline.

Here are a couple of interviews/articles written about me: