My name is Amjad Masad.

I'm the CEO and founder of, we make programming more accessible by building tools, platforms, and infrastructure for programmers, aspiring programmers, teachers, and students. Say you want to prototype something, work on homework, or toy with a new programming language -- setting up a development environment is still a big pain, instead you can get started in 5 seconds by going to and selecting a language. If you're a teacher and want to bring programming to your classroom, we can help with that too.

Before that I was a tech lead on the JavaScript infrastructure team (which I helped start) at Facebook. We built and maintained open source tools that made JavaScript development easier, accessible, and generally better. We built and/or maintained things like the Babeljs compiler, Jest, and the React Native packager. Some form of this team is still going strong and now are doing even more amazing things like the Yarn package manager.

Before that I was #1 employee at Codecademy. I did some tech-leading, built product and infrastructure. Being that early at a high-growth consumer startup is a great, albeit compressed, learning experience. But you may also walk away with scars and war stories.

Before that I was briefly at Yahoo, and before it I worked as a pen-tester for web applications.

As for non-work stuff, I like reading and watching movies. Mostly philosophy these days (with a mix of science and technology thrown in there). I'm interested in questions about ethics and morality, free will, and the nature of the universe. I wish I can spend more time reading (and writing) but I'm generally a slow reader (I sub-vocalize and might be mildly dyslexic) and don't have much time these days.

I enjoy scifi movies, especially the old ones. Some of my favorites include The Forbidden Planet, Brazil, and Colossus: The Forbin Project. I'm of the opinion that good Hollywood movies are on the decline.

Here are a couple of interviews/articles written about me: