I'm a programmer currently working at Facebook on the JavaScript infrastructure team. Previously, I lead product engineering at Codecademy.

I was born, raised, and trained in the arts of programming in Amman, Jordan. I now live in NYC the SF Bay Area.

In my free time I also write programs and less frequently, blog posts and essays. Here is a list of things I've made:


Open Source Libraries


To know more about me, you can read my story written by a much better writer.

Kierkegaard and Entrepreneurship

Earlier this year I spent a lot of time thinking about what “impact” means to me. In the tech world, we use it to say that our work matters and that we’re

What is Perfectionism and How to Cure It

My problem is that I’m a perfectionist – Everbody

As I finished writing the title for this post I thought about quitting. I didn’t think it was good and told myself that this is off to a bad start and it’ll only

John Carmack on Idea Generation

Last year at an internal talk at Facebook I was fortunate to see John Carmack speak about his idea generation system. At first I was disappointed