I'm a programmer currently working at Facebook on the Photos team. Previously, I lead product engineering at Codecademy.

I was born, raised, and trained in the arts of programming in Amman, Jordan. I now live in NYC.

In my free time I also write programs and less frequently, blog posts and essays. Here is a list of things I've made:


Open Source Libraries


To know more about me, you can read my story written by a much better writer.

Why I'm Excited About Object.observe

Object.observe is one of the newer additions to JavaScript that will be landing in Chrome soon. It lets you listen to changes on objects and their properties. I think it has many interesting applications and here are the few that I’m excited about the most…

Lesser-Known JavaScript Debugging Techniques

After I prototype an app I’m building, my time is split between the editor and the browser with the console open. I try to debug as I go to avoid creating a complete mess. Moreover, when I get a bug report for a production app the first thing that I do is try to debug using Chrome devtools, and I usually find the bug without touching my editor. To be effective at that, I had to learn a great deal about the tools available and in this post I’m going to shed light on the lesser-known features and techniques of JavaScript debugging…

Introducing Waraby, Mobile Optimized Arabic Search Web App

Waraby is an Arabic search mobile app that I’m releasing today. I’ve built it more than six months ago for my personal use and I’ve been very pleased with it…