I'm a programmer currently working at Facebook on the JavaScript infrastructure team. Previously, I lead product engineering at Codecademy.

I was born, raised, and trained in the arts of programming in Amman, Jordan. I now live in NYC the SF Bay Area.

In my free time I also write programs and less frequently, blog posts and essays. Here is a list of things I've made:


Open Source Libraries


To know more about me, you can read my story written by a much better writer.

Easier Concurrent Programming in JavaScript with Async Functions

We’re about to introduce async functions internally at Facebook so I’m taking the time to reflect on how this could be a great win for building reliable software…

Hello World

You can now embed runnable code snippets from repl.it on your blog or website. Just go to repl.it and pick one of the languages listed below, save your code and click share to get the html code to paste on your site…

Lesser-Known JavaScript Debugging Techniques

After I prototype an app I’m building, my time is split between the editor and the browser with the console open. I try to debug as I go to avoid creating a complete mess. Moreover, when I get a bug report for a production app the first thing that I do is try to debug using Chrome devtools, and I usually find the bug without touching my editor. To be effective at that, I had to learn a great deal about the tools available and in this post I’m going to shed light on the lesser-known features and techniques of JavaScript debugging…